Saturday, July 10, 2010


I'm a fan of Hal Higdon's training plans. Hal helped me during my quest to accomplish my first 5K and 10K. He's never failed me before and I doubt he would fail me this time. This week would be all about doing it. "Just get the mileage in," as the Hubby would say.

I intended to start some pre-training-training last week. I wanted to do some easy runs as well as just hit the gym to prepare for the start of my official training. I began on Monday by doing some strength training during lunch at the gym. An hour later I found myself in my underwear and a towel with, what I was told but have no memory of, a handful of calendar quality paramedics surrounding me in the women's locker room. After a weekend of basking in the sun and only drinking 12 ounces of water in three days, dehydration triggered my seizures. What ensued the following week was fear. I was fearful to return to the gym. Had I drank enough water? Should I OVER hydrate to compensate? Fear kept me from the gym and pavement that week.

As I began my "official" training week this week, the fear remained. Hal had me starting with strength and stretching on Monday. I talked myself out of that workout. Tuesday was my first scheduled run. I had to do three miles. I was still overwhelmed with fear. Fear kept me from getting out of bed that morning for my early run. Fear, and a coworker, kept me from a midday run. I did not want a repeat of last week's event. After having dinner with an old friend, I came home and slipped into my workout gear. It was after 8:00 and I just needed to get it done before the day was over and I lost two days from this plan.

Once upon a time I would start off running and not stop until I returned home. I knew that it would not be the same as "last time." So, I chose to power walk for the first five minutes. This was a strategy that I continued the entire week. Before long I was running. I felt jiggly parts that had stopped jiggling a few months ago. I felt my compression shorts compressing. I felt, what seemed like, every part of my body during the run. I wasn't as fast as I was two months ago, but I tried not to focus on that part... Ok, I lie. I deeply wanted to run with a huge sign that said, "I WAS FASTER TWO MONTHS AGO!" or "THIS IS JUST MY EASY RUN." or "GIVE ME A BREAK, I JUST RAN UPHILL... FOR TWO MILES... IN THE SNOW..." Anything to justify my speed, or lack thereof. I was scheduled for three miles, but a mile in I decided to turn around and only complete two miles. It was my first run back and the pizza I had for dinner wasn't helping.

I was scheduled to run two miles on Wednesday, but tacked on another mile in light of my failure the day prior. My body felt the repurcussions from the day before. The fact that there were walkers on my route gave me some joy. As I was passing them I smiled a little. Yes, they were walking, but atleast I was passing someone!

I needed to bang out three miles on Friday. This time hubby wanted to run with me. It was a rainy Texas afternoon. I remembered my most favorite running excursion with hubby when we first began dating. We ran in the pouring rain. It was during lunch on a workday. We returned to the gym and stood outside ringing our soaked clothing out before we entered. It was the best run (most fun) that I ever had. After I remembered that run, I agreed to go. We were going to pick up Captain Awesome; we figured he would enjoy the adventure. Running in the rain brings a new level of refreshment. Have you ever heard that saying, "You make plans and God laughs."? He was laughing on Friday. We got less than a quarter mile into the run and the rain stopped. Running in the hot, humid, Texas heat is not what I signed on for. We powered through with KISA reminding me that I just needed to get the mileage in. If he was not there to support me, there is no way that I could have finished. We alternated running and walking. Sixty nine minutes, a few bouts of sprinting, and one bout of vommitting later; the three miles had been completed.

It was with utter relief that I embarked on my last run for the week. Saturday was my scheduled long run. Four miles. My body is still sore from the beating it has endured this week. I didn't let it keep me from going on my run. This run is what it is all about. This was the best run of the week. Did I break any of my personal records? No. Did I run at race pace? Not even close. Did I escape? Yes! I was back. I got lost in my thoughts. My mind was all over the place. Maybe some of those posts will turn into future blogs. I sunk back into the security of my runs. I even found myself running and dancing at the same time. What a sight! My lower body was running while my upper body was movin' and groovin' to the tunes in my ears. I found my way home and sunk dipped my head in the pool to cool off.

Week one - done! Only eleven more weeks to go.

QUESTION: How do you keep your face clear while training in this Texas heat?

PLANNED: 12 miles, 30 mins strength/stretch, 30 mins cross-training
ACTUAL: 12.93 miles

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  1. Just remember as soon as you talk your self out of the work out your body shuts down. You will be super mad at your self for not giving your personal best. The word of Byrd (my trainer) Its like the hubby says focus on getting your miles in. Long runs are so important each week but the little miles during the week make those long runs seem simple. My sister always told me get your miles and worry about your speed and time on the next run. I set a time the day of the race to do it in less than 3 hours. I did it in 2hours 21 minutes. I would really like to improve this time since I got the feel of the run. Keep up the good work and remember talk yourself into the workout!!! Keep up the good work!

    Love V