Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I had high hopes for this week. After the week prior, I just knew that I was going to accomplish great feats during my third week of training. Last week I improved my time and just felt so accomplished. On Sunday, KISA, Captain and I walked to visit some friends. We logged just over two miles that day. I was so optimistic. I told myself I was going to run in the mornings and not afternoon/evening any longer. This Texas heat is just too much for this chica. Can I just say how enticing my snooze button is so early in the morning?

Wednesday evening crept up on me and I hadn't logged any mileage for the week. Of course, I could have headed out the door and go for a run, but I hadn't hydrated at all during the day. I began drinking my water as I gripped to KISA. His response?

"Well, atleast you have something to write about this week."

I thanked and congratulated him on making it into this week's blog... Again. His smile radiated with pride.

Luckily for me, my copy of Run LIKE A MOTHER by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea arrived this same day. To read about the inner argument that Dimity (or was it Sarah? My feet are too sore to get up and check my facts with the book) faced before getting up for a run motivated me to get up at 5:30 the next morning. I felt great. About three miles into the run, I got that feeling. I felt like I could go for another three miles. If it wasn't for my day job, I would have tacked on that three extra miles.

Saturday was my long run. I had five miles scheduled, but felt like I needed to do more since I lacked in the mileage department this week. I ran a mile and was faced with a challenge. I came to a corner where I usually turn, but up ahead there was a hill. That hill was taunting me. I ran in circles on that corner until the "walk" sign illuminated. By golly, I was going to run up that hill. I proceeded. Do you know what was at the top of that hil? Yet another hill. I ran up that one, too. Next thing I knew, I found myself two miles out from my planned route, conquering a number of hills, resting upon jelly legs. I asked a man walking his dogs where I was. Once he told me, I just wanted to crumple on the sidewalk. My shock must have been written all over my face. He asked me if I had gone to far. I laughed and said "oh yes".

I turned around and took a little joy in knowing "what comes up must come down". However, those darn hills were not aware of Mr. Newton's little law of gravity. I swear. I was looking forward to the recovery going downhill. I found myself NOT going downhill. At one point, I wanted to crawl up the hills. I fought off the urge to call KISA and have him come rescue me. How the heck do you think he earned his name? I finally found myself back home, laying in my driveway. As I felt the breeze, I realized one fact: those hills made me their bitch today.

Momma's going to get herself a pedicure today!

ACTUAL MILES: 9.04 (plus 2m walk)


  1. I am proud of you for keeping up with your blog! I really enjoy your blog posts, you are very entertaining! :) That's the one compliment you get lol I don't understand this nickname of your hubby. You should include that in your about me!

  2. From another fellow runner, yes those hills are a bitch! Oh how I hate them, but once you run hills, the flat stuff seems soooo easy. Keep it up! (Oh, one side note...check the spelling of "Ordinary" in your blog title. That's the proofreader in me coming out.) Keep running!

  3. Debi! I am so embarrassed!!!! Thank you for pointing that out. I just changed it.

    As for those dang hills... I will make them my bitch before my training is over.

  4. Sylvia--
    You should post this adorable photo of you reading Run Like a Mother poolside on our Facebook page! Love it! Good luck with half-marathon training.

  5. OMGoodness! It's you!!! I just have to say, the book is amazing! It's motivated me during my runs. During today's workout, your words were just resonating in my head. I'm almost tempted to make a shirt that says, "SBS is my running coach." I'm sure there are some infringements there. THANK YOU!!!

  6. I need to get this book everyone talks about it!!! Good job with your training!

  7. Yes, yes, YES you do! I love it. I'm planning on doling out a bunch of them as gifts this year.