Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ADIOS 2013

Oops....  It has been over a year since I have visited my blog, and I am here to shut the door and say "farewell" on 2013.  I am writing this post cuddled in my bed, covered in blankets, slathered in layers (sweatshirt, robe and a jacket).  Apparently, I'm ending 2013 ill and not ringing in the New Year with friends as we had planned only hours ago.  This does give me the great opportunity to write this post.

The year 2013 had some good times.  We were blessed with births this year - my great-nephew Dante and a child that is a blessing daily, Easton.  Familial relationships were mended and continue to grow.  We've had a proposal and a wedding to look forward to in the upcoming months.  I have created some new friendships, bonds, that I cherish and only hope they feel the same.  My son continues to amaze his teachers with his wit and wisdom.  He is also into a new sport that makes our heart smile while we watch him.

However, I am eager to shut the door on 2013.  There were too many people that were lost this year.  Too many family and friends with the same sadness upon their face.  There were too many times that I came so close to being one of those people, when it came to my own daughter.  I'm glad that that fear is no longer heavy on my shoulders and I can put that in the past.  My cousin's health scare.  Professional discouragements.  Injury.  "Close friendships" that disintegrated.  And so many more that I could name, but would have to "call out" specific friends and family.

The point is, I am ready to shut 2013 close and put a lock on it.  Still have the memories, but not have to relive them. 

If you want to be part of my 2014, practice honesty with me.  Whether professional or personal.  That's how to maintain our relationship.  As for me, I will be what you need (as long as it does not interfere with my family or local or federal laws).  I will continue to improve myself in 2014, professionally, mentally and physically.  I will improve myself as a wife and mother.  I will be a better person.  These are not resolutions.  These are promises to myself.

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S 2014!!!!!!!!