Friday, November 19, 2010

Why Weight?

It's that time again, people. You just finished eating the last of the Halloween candy and are starting to salivate over the Thanksgiving menu. You will load up you plate and go back for seconds as your stomach is screaming, "No more!" Then, there are the Christmas parties that begin the first weekend in December. Not to mention the frantic Christmas shopping. You are so rushed, you just grab something quick in the food court. Finally, Christmas arrives and it is a replay of Thanksgiving. As you are laying sprawled out on your couch, unbuttoning your pants, you begin hating yourself. You start listing your New Year's resolutions in your mind. If you are super motivated, you write them down. "January 1st brings a brand new me!"

I have to ask. Why are you waiting?

Last year, I began my 30+ pound weight loss the day after Thanksgiving. I got up on Black Friday and didn't hit the sales - I hit the gym. That feeling, in a deserted gym, brought on such pride that it was almost sinful. I felt liberated. I was liberated from that woman that sat on the couch depressed about the person she had become... The unhealthy, clinically overweight, lazy individual. It was time to ditch the excuses and do something... NOW. For me, that "now" was after a gluttonous Thanksgiving.

What is keeping you from taking action now? Why are you going to wait until the New Year? Think about how far ahead schedule you will be if you start now? Don't be one of those people that says, "I'm going to do as much damage to myself through the holidays and start fresh on January 1st." DON'T BE THAT PERSON. Do not disrespect yourself enough to allow that to be your plan of action.

There are so many things you can do for yourself this holiday season. Decide to place smaller servings on your plate. To help you with this, switch your dinner plate for a lunch or salad plate. Take a walk around the neighborhood after the holiday meals. During your holiday shopping, put some healthy snacks in your purse to fend off the desire to hit that food court. Sip on water while you are looking for that perfect gift for Aunt Susie and you won't get into that hunger mode.

I am not only writing this for my readers, but for myself, too. This injury has had a bigger effect on me than I would like to admit. The cookies, the sodas, the hours of television watching are slowly morphing me into that woman I never wanted in my home again. So, I am taking action once again. I am starting NOW. When I sit down with my family on Thanksgiving, I will thank God for my health, my family and friends. I will also thank Him for giving me the strength to make this change. Will you be able to do the same?

My journey (please excuse the cheesy drill team pose):

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 Reasons Why I'm Glad It's Fall

As previously stated, there won't be much to blog about since I'll be unable to train. I went over to Mama's Losin It and took a gander at her writing prompts. Prompt #565: 10 Reasons You're Glad It's Fall. On this chilly, rainy, dark day, I thought, "perfect".

1. Sweaters: I am constantly cold. It will be the dead of Summer and I will have the heater on in my office as I am wrapped up in my sweater or blanket. With the temperatures dropping, it is time to bring out the sweaters. Even though I'm constantly cold, I will take cold weather over hot weather any day. You can always add layers to get warmer, but there are only so many items you can take off to get cooler - and not land yourself in jail.

2. Boots: They go with skirts, pants, jeans, slacks, dresses - and yes - some braver, trendier individuals even wear them with shorts. You might be able to get away with boots during Spring and Summer, but you have no worries when its Fall. Suede or leather, all is well in Fall. You can totally change the look of an outfit with the addition of some great boots.

3. Blankets: You can also include Snuggies in this category. There is something about the warmth of an inhabited blanket. It is so toasty and welcoming that you cannot tear yourself out of its embrace. Whether it partners you reading a good book, or drinking a hot cup of tea, it tops off the evening of sheer perfection.

4. Family Gatherings: Thanksgiving is one of my favorite family holidays. Fall marks the time that you get to see those family members that you typically don't get to see everyday. Fall means my father's house is busy and loud. It means that we are closer to the even bigger holiday - Christmas!

5. Comfort Foods: Tortilla soups, baked breads, various creamy soups, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce. This is a list of foods that make me all warm and fuzzy inside. These foods don't really mix well with other seasons (maybe with the exception of the cranberry sauce). They fit perfectly with Fall.

6. Texas Weather: The only thing consistent about Texas weather is the inconsistency. Texas Fall does not bring extremities one way or the other. You get the dark, stormy weather. You get the windy but sunny. You get heat. It provides variety and keeps one from getting burned out by any one season offering.

7. Fire: With the temperatures dropping beginning in Fall, it is time to bring out the firewood and poker and start up a fire in the fireplace or fire pit. Watching the fire speak - with its crackle, pop and spark - is riveting. I can stare at a burning fire for hours... Well, maybe not HOURS. The fireplace is usually reserved for couple's movie night. The fire pit is an invitation for friends to gather and chat around the fire. Either way, it is utter enjoyment.

8. Tights/Leggings: Fall means that my razor gets some much needed time off. There is nothing worse than trying to shave when it is cold. Why bother? I don't want to be subjected to wearing only pants due to my disdain for shaving during the cold Fall mornings. Tights and leggings come to the rescue during this season. I can throw on either under a dress, skirt or tunic and look fashionable. The days that I do decide to wear pants, I can pull on a pair of tights under my trousers and add a little bit of warmth throughout the day.

9. Hot drinks: I'm not a big fan of coffee style drinks. My hot drinks of choice are tea and cocoa. Those are two types of drinks that you typically don't see consumed much during the warmer months... On this side of the pond, that is. I can enjoy my hot tea and not be uncomfortable. And thanks to a friend's suggestion, my peppermint tea fits right in during this particular season.

10. Lists: Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a list maker. It helps my organization and OCD tendencies. Fall brings me to a time of the year where I can wave my List-Making Freak Flag high in the sky. I make Christmas gift lists, Christmas card lists, home improvement lists - and most importantly - New Year organizational projects. Woo hoo!!! I start making my list of organization boxes and containers so I can hit the sales at the beginning of the year and beat those whose New Year's resolution is to "clear the cutter".