Friday, July 9, 2010


Regardless of being told that running blogs bore some people, I've decided to log my training as I tackle my next fitness goal. Let me start by sharing how I began this journey.

KISA and I had to delay the start of our relationship because he was in the process of training for a full marathon. This was an insanity that I just could not wrap my head around. I never understood why people would run 3.1 miles (a 5K) much less a full 26.2 miles! I had, in the past, participated in 5K's; however, I typically walked those. Regardless of the neon sign that flashed "CRAZY" on KISA's loveable head, I chose to begin a relationship with this unstable man. A couple of months after his marathon feat, he participated in a 5K with a few of his friends. I got up bright and early to cheer my man on. It was cold and too early for me to be awake on a weekend. I didn't understand why he needed to drive an hour and a half to go for a "jog". Nevermind that he actually had to pay a registration fee to participate in this mass insanity. I took advantage of that generous commute and slept on the way there.

I was a good girl and cheered on my now hubby as well as the friends that had joined him. This was the first 5K for one of them, as well. It took less than forty minutes for them all to cross the finish line and we loaded back up into the vehicle and headed to breakfast. Yes... I got up early and didn't even get breakfast prior to freezing my bum off.

As I settled into a cozy sleep position in the back seat, these race participants and I began to discuss how this whole running obsession began. Apparently, KISA had been convinced to run a marathon during a night of partaking in adult beverages. Once I learned of this I made a declaration before drifting off into a sweet slumber, "I don't care how drunk I get, I will run a marathon when hell freezes over."

Fast forward a few months. My company began a coed softball team. Growing up I loved playing softball so I jumped at the chance to play. After a few games I realized that I needed to increase my speed. Of course I went to KISA and asked him to help me. We began with sprints. Then, we were running during our lunch breaks. Next thing I knew, I began enjoying these runs. I was even running without my "running coach." I found these runs therapuetic. When the single mom struggles began to get to me, I would put my running shoes on and get lost in the run. I can use the escape of the run to get lost in my thoughts. I run when I'm happy. I run when I'm sad. I run when I'm angry. I even run and have conversations with God and those that I have lost.

I ran my first 5K a year later, at the same event I had cheered on KISA, and he was right there running beside me. It was another cold February morning and I spent the entire run smiling. Injuries followed. I was sidelined for half of that year, following my first 5K. I will just say it - I was a bear because I could not run. After taping, wraps, crutches, orthopedic shoes (which were NOT fashionable), and a walking boot - I was able to lace up my shoes again. The Heavens opened up and the angels were singing. I could reclaim my sanity.

Fast forward to this year. I have run a number of 5K's and finished my first 10K two months ago. I was even running them without KISA, but he was always along the course and finish line cheering me on. He even brought my baby boy to support me. My first half-marathon was slated for December. I took some time off of running in June to focus on some events very personal to me; however, I found that I was sinking into a "funk." I would not get out of bed. I began to put exercise on the back burner. I didn't smile as much. I confided (aka whined) to KISA about how unhappy I was. What words of wisdom did he impart? "Train for something." He knows how productive I feel when I am training and have an end goal in sight. So, we have moved up my half-marathon goal up from December to September.

I have not run since the end of May. I fear the pain that will ensue as much as I anticipate it. I know that there will be disappointments. Hard runs. Feelings of failure. I will move pass this. I know that I will be unable to hit the road as fast as when I last left it, but that will just fuel my fire on my next training run. I will not bore everyone out there with daily updates regarding my journey. Instead, I intend to post on a weekly basis.

It is getting late now and I need to start hydrating for tomorrow's run! By the way, KISA informed a coworker that I will be completing my first full marathon next year. Has anyone heard the weather report for hell?

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  1. I use to always run after I graduated High school and after I cut ties to a ex I quit running and did nothing but the partying scene. I never realized how much i missed running until this past year. I always find myself talking to myself. I even put my trainer on my shoulder and tell myself all the things she would tell me if i was to be a quiter. I remember my lil sis running her first full marathon and the sense of accomplishment she felt. I so wanted to feel that. Feel that I could accomplish something. So I set one of my 2010 goals to run a half marathon. Training in the cold was in sane! I kept asking myself what am I thinking but I'm glad i never quit. i didn't follow my schedule as I was suppose to but I was still mentally and physically prepared. So I thought until the knee started hurting a couple of weeks before my run. So i rested it until it felt a little better. I knew it was due to my lack of dedication to my training schedule. I found it difficult to train with a newborn and the adjustment of life in general. But April 2010 came and i was running my first half marathon. I was nervous as heck. Going to the bathroom making sure I had my goo, my shoes tied etc...I remember taking off and I felt like I needed to cry. I kept telling myself I'm actually running a half! Holy Cow but I held my tears back and kept running. Best part about my run is that mY COSUINran with me and we kePt the same pace and we motivated each other. We were down to our last four miles and the knee start to hurt I told him to go on without me and i would catch up. I never caught back up. hahah! I slowed my pace down in order to support the pain. my mind is going and music is playing and the last thing i wanted to do was talk myself out of finishing. So i put my Byrd on my shoulder(she's my trainer) and kept talking myself into makng it to the finish line. Everything she ever told me was running through my head. One of the main things she tells me is don't talk your self out of it. As soon as you talk yourself out it is whe nyour body starts to shut down. So from a distance I could see the Cotton bowl and the ferris wheel. I was thinkng I'm almost there yeah right I had 2 more miles. The longewt 2 miles ever but I kept going and as I came up to the finish line I was overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment. I did it! I ran a half marathon. I was so super excited and was planning my next one but to improve my time and train harder. But I had to rest of the knee and here it is June and I haven't been running as much. I will say words of encourgament helped me. The fact that the people I ran with had faith that I could accomplish the run! As a friend I will cheer you and help you accomplish this goal. I want to run another but I need more time to train. Maybe we can run the next one together.

    Love Vicky