Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spotlight on Captain Awesome

Today was the big day! I checked the race website last night so that KISA and I could lay out our plans for Race Day. We set our alarms for 5:45am and 6:00am to make a race that started at 7:00am. We were rushing around to get our race rest only to wake up after what seemed to be five minutes after we fell asleep. Captain Awesome said it best, "That was the shortest night ever." He is so wise beyond his five years... We got our pre-race bagels and headed out the door.

We arrived at Custer Road United Methodist Church and noticed that it was pretty... Ummmm... What's the word? Oh, yeah. Empty. We went inside the church and were promptly asked if we needed assistance. I said, "We are here for the Fun Run. The website said the it was from 7:00 - 8:15." I was informed that I misread as registration was from 7:00 - 8:15 and the Fun Run started at 8, which makes sense. Why would a one mile run/walk last 75 minutes? So what do you do when you are over an hour early with a rambunctious five year old? Entertain him as best as possible. Luckily the staff at CRUMC were very considerate and overly helpful in making sure that our hour plus was as comfortable as possible.

I won't bore you with all of the details. Let me just say. Captain was... AWESOME!!! He absolutely killed it on this race. I was able to keep up with him for about 1/10th of a mile before he began to pull away from me. Every time he turned a corner, he would stop and look for me. I would yell, "Captain Awesome, keep going". At 3/4 of a mile, I mad an emergency call.

Gasping for air, I immediately gave KISA instructions, "Keep you (huff) eyes open (puff). He's (gasp, huff, puff) smoking me." KISA would later say that it was the funniest phone call he's ever received.

My precious little boy crossed the line 45 seconds (KISA says it was at least a full minute) before me. When I crossed the finish line, he was there to give me a high five.

I decided to interview my little man to get his insight on his experience. I hope you enjoy:

Mommy: How did you feel when we were at the start line of the race?

CA: Happy because it was my first race.

Mommy: When you were running and turned around and didn't see mommy, how did you feel?

CA: Sad. Actually still happy. I meant that.

Mommy: So, you weren't scared when you didn't see mommy?

CA: Nopity*, nopity, nope.

Mommy: When we went on training runs, you always wanted to rest, but during this race, you ran the whole thing. How did you do it?

CA: Because I just wanted to ruuuuun.

Mommy: What was your favorite part about running the race?


Mommy: What did you not like about the race?

CA: Nothing. I liked everything, everything, everything.

Mommy: How did you feel about running faster than mommy and a lot of other people older than you?

CA: Happy

Mommy: You got a really cool hand painted medal at the race. What are you going to do with it?

CA: Wear it all the time.

Mommy: Why do you like it so much?

CA: Because I earned it.

Mommy: Are you going to run another race?

CA: Nopity, nopity, nope.

*Please give me some leniency on how to spell the words of a five year old.

The next day, Captain Awesome woke up with sore legs. Ahhhh... Now that is a sign of a good run!
**Again, a big shout out to our hosts, Custer Road United Methodist Church. We ran the Esperanza 5K serving Juntos Servimos. The Esperanza 5K Race is in support of the work of Dr. Nancy Rodriguez and Larry Cox at Casa Bugambilia near Matamoros, Mexico. Casa Bugambilia shelters ill and abandoned persons until they can be reunited with their families. It is a center for diabetes prevention and treatment. It provides medical care and physical therapy to people without access to quality health care. Casa Bugambilia advances the education of children through preschool learning readiness classes, tutoring and education enrichment. The 2012 Esperanza 5K Race raised over $44,000 for the people in need in Matamoros, Mexico**

Monday, February 27, 2012


Today I put on my running necklace with the above words on it. I strapped on my Garmin heart rate monitor, laced up my running shoes and put out the perfect BondiBand for my run. I picked out my purple band with a turtle that says "wanna race?" as it matched perfectly with my purple t-shirt; which also had a turtle on it with the words, "I am running" across the front. The advice of those that came before me rang in my ears.

"Nice and easy." "Don't want to re-injure yourself." "Slow and steady wins the race." I was more than curious as to how this run was going to play out. The only plan I had when I reached the door was to finish. I would jog. I would walk. I would listen to my body... Er, my feet.

I took one last look at my necklace... I would definitely be doing a lot of praying during the next X amount of miles or minutes I could survive. I walked out of the door and felt the fresh air. It was sixty four degrees with a light breeze. Knowing that I was going to be in this weather RUNNING, put a smile on my face. I began to lift my feet to start my run, "OUCH"! I had gone back to boot camp this morning. I lost track of how many squats I did. This was going to be tough. Just having enough strength to lift my legs was taking so much effort. I laughed out loud (luckily there were neighbors outside) and thought "this is going to be 'fun'". I felt as though I was shuffling, and not the "Everyday We're Shufflin'" type of shuffling. The "are my feet even getting off the ground?" type of shuffling. I had to do something because if these darn feet didn't get up, I would be tripping FOR SURE! I made it to the corner of our subdivision and decided I needed a plan. Yes, Captain Obvious at your service yet again!

I shot for one minute running, two minutes recovery. That was boring so I then decided I was going to run until I couldn't and then take a minute to recover. After a mile, I gave myself two minutes to recover. I had to stop a few times to stretch and limped just a tad, but I FINISHED! I did two miles. Two real miles... If I am going to get specific, which I am, it was 2.02 miles.

I learned three things during this run:

1. Two miles is too far for my foot at this time.
2. Limit the squats when I am planning on running on the same day.
3. I realized just how much I missed running in our neighborhood.

Today's mileage: 2.02
Total time: 32:21
Average pace: 16:01 (hey, at least I was out there)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Excuses Are Like....

It's been a while since I last blogged. The last time I blogged was about my weight loss. That was November 2010. A lot has happened since then. I completed my first half-marathon, got less than five pounds away from "goal weight", became a certified personal trainer (which made me so freaking happy), began training with the company that helped me to lose all of my weight and strengthen myself.

The past year plus also brought some emotional downs. I had to stop training professionally (with the company I mentioned above), I had a number of health problems which I felt that I couldn't share with all my friends, loved ones and former employer. That made me stop training and made me an emotional mess... Let me stop and say... I allowed myself to react negatively. I had spent the middle of November through the first of January in bed. I couldn't drive, I couldn't balance, I couldn't do basic things. I allowed myself to be sad and forget about all of my training.

I am not happy. I will allow myself to be happy again. I got released from my orthopedic surgeon yesterday and was even given a cortisone shot to keep my other foot pain at bay. My other medical issue is under control. I am looking forward. I am learning self-control and attempting not to hit the fast forward button so that I don't agitate any of my injuries.

I've allowed so many excuses turn me into a person that I don't like. I am writing this as I watch my recording of The Biggest Loser (and eating pizza). This season is about "No Excuses" and overcoming the common weight gain excuses. Some of the excuses include:

I'll start tomorrow, I have no self-control, I don't know how to cook healthy, I feel too lazy, I don't have enough time, I'm a food addict, I'm an emotional eater, I have a serious injury, I don't have a gym membership or I just don't care.

How many of these have you said? How many times have you said, "Enough is enough"? I still picture myself as woman that was over 211 pounds. This is a person I don't want to be again. You have to "start now" so that tomorrow you will be a day ahead of your goals. Lack of self-control will get you in a place that doesn't bring happiness. Start with one "vice" at a time and focus on that for a week. The next week, start with something new. There are a ton of recipes and magazines that will teach you how to "eat clean". Pick one up and actually try the recipes. Exercise gives you more energy, which gets rid of the feelings of laziness and fatigue. Thirty minutes a day is enough to change your life and your health. YOU CAN FIND 30 minutes a day. Find another outlet for your emotions... Running, crocheting, yoga, Zumba. If you must, find a professional to help you get through your food issues. You can even find food addict groups. Don't believe me? Google it! You don't need a gym membership to exercise. You can exercise with your body weight, in the comfort of your living room. Grab a big whiff of fresh air and go for a run/walk/jog.

"I have a serious injury." I used this as my excuse for a long time. Even though I couldn't use my foot, I could have done some strength training, ab work, etc. Instead I allowed my emotions to get the best of me and put me in a place that I don't want to be. See, I DO care. I do care and I care enough to do something about it.

***This is my first post in a while. It is not well thought out. It is not full of insight or well constructed sentences or paragraphs. It is an outpouring of the scary place that is know as my brain.***