Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Home Is Where the Heart Is

I’ve been quite absent from my blog recently. I am determined to get back on track with blogging. I’ve also noticed that I have some followers! Yeah, me! With that said, maybe I should introduce my family. After all, they will most likely be the subjects of my blogs. I hope that this will allow my followers to have a better understanding of those that I write about. I will also follow the tradition of some other bloggers and assign nicknames for my family that will reflect their personalities.

First, we must start with my husband. He is my KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR (aka KISA). I know it is a very cliché nickname for my husband. Of course every woman wants her husband, boyfriend, lover to fit into this role. However, I believe it fits. KISA refers to me as his “Princess” and always wants to take care of me. Every princess needs his prince, but a prince has royal subjects to carry out his tasks. A knight is proactive to tend to his princess. Therefore, he is my KISA.

KISA and I have been married for less than three months. We love to laugh with one another, even at the most inappropriate times. He is a very easygoing gentleman and I am lucky to have him in my life. KISA was married before and has a daughter from that relationship.

My step-daughter is a very bright and loving young woman. She is in that “tween-age” stage. I will refer to her as LITTLE MOMMA. She has a passionate, nurturing spirit and wants to take care of everyone that she meets. Children are drawn to her and her sweet heart. She has a great love for the Lord, learning, arts and children. MOMMA is mature beyond her years. She loves and hurts hard.

I also have a “tween-age” daughter. In fact, she is four months younger than MOMMA. The appropriate name for her is SOFTBALL DIVA. She aspires to play softball for USA in the Olympics. Afterwards, she would like play professionally and supplement her income by modeling. DIVA also has a passion that is leaning her towards fashion design. She is also a passionate young lady. She enjoys making others laugh and does not want her peers to hurt.

Lastly, there is my baby boy. What shall we call him? I think CAPTAIN AWESOME just about covers it. CAPTAIN is not quite three and is full of personality. He can make you crack up just by the way he cuts his eyes at you. He loves any type of ball you give him and is our future star athlete. When he is not playing with his baseball, beach ball, basketball or football; CAPTAIN is fascinated with Cars the movie and Spiderman.

And that is my family. I look forward to you getting to know each one of them better as I continue to blog.

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  1. Knight in Shining Armour is NEVER cliche! Love it.