Friday, September 18, 2009

"But honey, I want something cakey or bready"... Help!

Out of curiosity, I logged into my healthcare provider's website today. I clicked on the "claims" tab and noticed that my insurance has paid out $7,472.52 (and counting because I went to an urgent care facility two days ago) for my medical issues. Keep in mind, I had to meet a $1,500 deductible before they would pay one cent. As the doctors continue to run tests and figure out how to "fix" me in one way or another, I've decided that I need to do some "fixing" of my own.

Although I am not 100lbs overweight, I am medically overweight. Due to injuries, I have been unable to run for about a good month. I am hopeful that if I can stick to a diet change, these medical issues will go away. I pray that I am not “seriously” sick and my prognosis will just require a change in diet and exercise.

With that said, KISA and I began speaking the other day about being proactive about this possible occurrence. I told him that I am ready to make this change and need him to be my very own personal “Nazi”. Being the KISA that he is, he jumped on board to help me out but reminded me of what will come…

“Honey, bring me a treat. I want something cakey or bready from the store. Surprise me.”

Yes, the phone call that he receives when I know he is heading to the store. Or the farewell I am shouting out to him as he is running to the store after his last Dr. Pepper has been consumed. He knows it will happen; I know it will happen. So, what do we do? I told him we needed to find alternatives to cure my bready, cakey cravings. These are my downfalls. Muffins, cupcakes, soft cookies, croissants, banana bread, birthday cake, etc. The sweeter and softer, the better. I ask you, fellow bloggers, what are some alternatives that will help me feel satisfied but will be a healthy choice?

This weekend we are transforming our kitchen and our lives. Goodbye oatmeal pies. Goodbye cookies. Hello a healthier and happier me. My vanity goal is to lose 30 pounds. My real life goal is to make sure I set an example for my children so that I can see them set the same example for theirs.

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