Friday, August 7, 2009


My daughter has been super busy and in high demand all Summer long. Last night, she came home - for good.

I was so excited all day that she was coming home. I have missed her terrible. She has spent roughly two weeks with me all Summer. So, the transitions that she is to make have been delayed until now. I had prepared my self for the worst when she finally came home... You see, she is in that "tween-ager" stage. The mind of a child, and attitude of a teen. I was expecting the "I hate my life." speeches and the rolling eyes when I welcomed her home. I was pleasantly surprised.

When she walked in the door, she immediately gave me a hug. She squeezed me almost as tightly as I squeezed her. She told me how happy she was to be home. I was so happy to hear it. I continued to hear her say it for the following three hours. And it never got old. Each time she said it with such excitement that it made my heart smile. Regardless of the adventures and gifts she had experienced during these past months, she still was happy to be home. Home with her stuffy old mom and bratty little brother. Even the bald guy that took her away from her comfort zone because he had the audacity to marry her mother.

We sat and talked about the events of her Summer as I painted her nails. Then she told me that she was happy that we moved, because she hasn't seen me happier. She discussed her fears that caused her to rebel against the move. She said that she knows that we won't be moving again because she sees how happy I am. It made me proud to hear her talk so candidly with me.

I cherished these moments because I knew that as school starts and rules are enforced, it would not be long before I heard the "I hates" once more... I hate my life, I hate you, I hate school, etc. It also reminded me that I need to grasp and not let go the moments that we can share as mother-daughter instead of enemies.

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