Monday, September 6, 2010


I began to write and rewrite this blog three times today. There wasn't much to report for this week of training, so I wasn't sure how to fill this entry with substance. My solution? I decided to go out for a run to clear my thoughts. It worked.

This week's blog is a shout out to some of my fellow runners and my giveaway winner!

Congratulations to Anita Valle. She won the BondiBand giveaway. Anita is a fan of the "You Can and You Will" BondiBand. What a great saying! I can't wait to hear her feedback once she receives the BondiBand.

I woke up this morning and went to cheer on two of my running friends as they ran a Labor Day 5K. I'm so proud of both of these ladies. My neighbor, Dana, tackled her first 5K after surgery. She did an awesome job! Dana is also currently training for a half-marathon in December. I know she will do amazing.

The second lady is my friend Janine. This was her first 5K, period! I know how hard she has been training and I am also very proud of her. She had her hubby there running alongside her throughout the race. Her hard work really paid off.

Great job, ladies!!!! I'll say it again. I'm so proud of both of you!!!!!

There's not much to report during this week of my training. Unfortunately, I took advantage of an easy week and made it uber-easy. I had three runs scheduled, but only completed one. There always seemed to be an excuse, or a Twinkie, that got in my way. Either way, I did not do what I needed to do this week. As I look at my calendar, the reality is daunting. There are twenty days until my half-marathon. Twenty days... TWENTY. DAYS. Less than three weeks, people. I gotta get this done. I'm in the home stretch and I have to stay focused. I cannot take it easy. I got to get this done. I pray that my foot, my body and my mind can get through these twenty days.



  1. That was wonderful of you to go cheer on your friends! :D I only have 19 days til my half marathon... which is what motivated me last week and so far, this week! lol... I can't believe how close it is already! I'm sure you feel the same way! Good luck with your training plan this week! :D

  2. Good luck! I started day 1 of my half Marathon today! I'll be checkin in with you!!! I know you will get your mileage done, its crunch time Sylvia! Woohoo, just use your anticipation & excitement as motivation to getting out there these next few weeks!

  3. Zaneta & E: What 1/2 are y'all doing?

  4. I took advantage of my easy week, too, and then had a migraine today and couldn't run AT all! Ut oh!

    I read somewhere about focusing on the amount of long runs you have left and not the days. I am trying to do that, but my training program/app keeps a countdown. 26 days-yikes!