Tuesday, August 17, 2010

To Hang Up Or Not Hang Up, That Is The Question

I had yet another horrible run this morning. This really bites. I couldn't even finish my 4.5 miles this morning. I only logged 3. Even then, I couldn't even run a full mile. That's two horrible runs in a row. A disturbing 5K on Saturday and then this atrocity of a run this morning. I am seriously considering hanging up my running shoes for good.

There are a slew of reasons why I feel I should stop.

1. My feet are starting to hurt again. Last year I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in my left heel. After six months of treatment, if miraculously went away. I was weeks away from surgery and poof. All better. I began running again the first of this year. It came back in my right foot. Took steroids and poof. Better. Now it is back. IN BOTH FEET. How's that for discomfort? It's so bad, I'm wearing my ugly shoes (look at an earlier post titled "Comfort Outranks Beauty").

2. My training is not working. I remember only a few weeks ago I doubled my three mile run, just because it felt good. Like I said, this morning, I couldn't even run a mile without stopping. What is the reason for this?

3. I am not getting any faster. In fact, I'm pretty sure that I am getting slower. How's that for motivation?

4. It's freaking hot out there. It was hot and muggy at 5:30 this morning. It is hot at noon. It is hot at 8:00pm. Does the heat affect my running? My performance? If so, how is this helping me train for my half?

The picture explains it all. I feel like a loser. I am really thinking about quitting. I don't know if I can do this. I need some advice.


  1. Don't hang it up! I linked here from the RLAM site. I can tell you that I've run three half-marathons and am currently training for a marathon, and all of my runs have sucked lately. Seriously. I'm taking walk breaks in runs that I could do in my sleep!! I am chalking it up to the heat and humidity.

    All it takes is one good run to even out a whole slew of bad ones, but you can't get that good run in there if you hang it up! The temps are breaking where I am now, and I'm looking forward to a six-miler in reasonable temps tonight to help my confidence level. Maybe you'll get a break from the heat soon too?

  2. Hmmm... I think yesterday was the first day in August we didn't reach over 100 degrees.

    How do you feel when you take walk breaks?

  3. I linked here, too. Don't stop! I feel that way all the time. I swear I'm getting slower (and for the cherry, I was DEAD LAST in my 4 mile race a couple of weeks ago. Not my age group, the whole race!)
    I have been running 4 years,started when I was 38.
    The heat definitely affects you! When is your half? I'm training for a half, too (10/10.)

  4. Lisa, I hate to say this... You made me feel better. If you finished last and are still running... Wow!!! My half is on 9/26. It's my first. I originally wanted to do it in December, but got ancy and decided to move it up. I will know next time not to do that (because of the heat).

  5. I'm glad, I'm too stubborn I guess! I really was ok with it (it was a local fair, 140 people AND I kept telling myself I was purpously going slow because I had 4 more miles to run that day. Yeah, right! lol)
    This is my 2nd, my first I did in 2:57. I'm hoping to do around 2:30, but VERY nervous (it's Boston, and there are REAL runners!)
    Do you have any speedwork in your plan? I am doing one day a week and it has seemed to help (well, besides the 4 miles race!) I have plantar fasciitis (sp.) too.

  6. Yikes! Boston! Awesome. My goal for my first is to do it in under 3:00. The Hubs is trying to get me in the mentality of just finishing it and use it as my base for future halves... To try to improve my time.

    I use my short runs as interval runs. I do 30 second bursts. Basically, every Wednesday are intervals. I warm up for five minutes. Do the remaining of my distance scheduled and usually will cool off for 1/4 mile after that. PF stinks (figuratively)!!!!

  7. Don't worry too much. It will turn around. Don't forget that you are ramping up your training... Your body might just want a little break. Things will fall in place soon!

  8. That was EXACTLY my thinking for my 1st one (and I just made it under 3 hours.) My longest 'run' had been 10 miles with the program I was following, so I just wanted to finish.

    Are you following a program? Do you take your rest days?

  9. That's how my plan is. I'm following Hal Higdon's plan. It has one rest day/week, which I take. It drives me crazy, but I take it just the same. Ha, ha.

  10. I don't know his plan, but have heard of it. I have 2 rest or XT days a week, and usually I cross train. Today I took my rest day, and I feel like I played hooky!
    My plan has 1 speedwork day (tomorrow.) 7 miles! I will be so spent, but my 9 mile long run on Sunday won't look so bad.

  11. I have four run days. One includes strength. I have one stretch and strength day and one XT day. My mid week run is the shorter run and I usually use that to do intervals on the treadmill.

  12. How long have you been running? It sounds like your plan is a good one, you just really hit a low point in training (don't we all!?)

    I don't want to hijack your blog, but if you want to e-mail me feel free! I would love to have someone else who is training for a half to compare notes (and commiserate) with!

  13. DO we all? I guess this is mine. I've been running for two years. The longest distance was a 10K in May. The hubs thinks that the 10K came too easy for me and this roadblock (heat, distance, etc) is hitting me harder than it should. A friend basically had a "come to Jesus" with me today to get me over this hump. Let's hope it stays with me on my next run! Which I'm trying to decide if it will be during lunch or this evening.

    I would love to share notes (and tears)! But please stay tuned to my blog as well! My email is sylbernal@yahoo.

  14. I just sent you an e-mail (or book, depending on how you look at it!)

  15. Don't give up!!!! We all have stretches where things hurt & mentally we just can't make it work. Try doing some cross training at least once a week. That can mean even taking the kids out for a bike ride. Whatever you have to do to get it done.
    Work with your health care professionals - might even try a chiropractor -you'd be surprised at what woes they can fix!
    Best of luck. I'm rooting for you!